Neurocognition of Art Now Offered Online at the Center for Cognitive Archaeology @ UCCS

Interested in learning when, where, and how modern human aesthetics evolved?

Join Professor Manuel Martín-Loeches of the Complutense University of Madrid for our online course Neurocognition of Art. This course explores the biopsychological basis of human artistic behavior by investigating its neurocognitive and biological underpinnings. We expand our understanding of this otherwise bizarre activity in natural terms, thereby contextualizing art within the framework of Natural Selection. This approach provides a suitable foundation for exploring the possible evolutionary origins of art, its development, as well as its major milestones along human evolution. Although the course is mainly focused in visual art, much of its content can be applied to other forms of artistic behavior. Classes begin August 23 and end December 18.

Visit us at the Center for Cognitive Archaeology for more information on classes. The deadline to register for courses is August 29, 2021. For registration information, visit:

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