History of Cognitive Archaeology Since 1969 Offered Online Now at the Center for Cognitive Archaeology @ UCCS

How did archaeologists come to apply cognitive models from psychology and philosophy of mind to the material record? Why were they drawn to begin investigating the evolution of the human mind? How has cognitive archaeology changed the way we think about the evolution of human intelligence and the structure and function of the mind? 

Join Professor Thomas Wynn for the once-a-year offering of our course, The History of Cognitive Archaeology Since 1969. The course consists of a selection of primary sources that have been instrumental in establishing cognitive archaeology as a viable and influential approach in the study of human evolution. Readings are biased toward Anglophone archaeology and toward important issues in human cognitive evolution. Classes begin January 21 and end May 16. 

Visit us at the Center of Cognitive Archaeology for more information on classes. For registration information, please visit: https://www.uccs.edu/lases/full_program_listings/cca

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